About Us

Kyle Taylor

Founder of ErgoTree

I really enjoy coffee shops. It’s nice being out and about, relaxing or working with my laptop. I’m usually either writing or working on business. I find the background noise comforting and peaceful. One day, I was working in a coffee shop for quite a while. I was so focused on my work that when I finally paused, I realized that I was hunched over my laptop, and that my neck AND back hurt. I looked around and saw other people working on their laptops – slouched over.

It was clear to me that I needed a stand to increase the height of my laptop and encourage me to have better posture. I looked online for a stand. After a general search for laptop stands, I could not find what I was looking for. I wanted a laptop stand that was simple, sexy, compact, easily portable, and I wanted it made out of wood! (My dad was a carpenter). I decided to just make my own.

Being an engineer, I designed multiple versions virtually, using 3D software. Eventually I started cutting out rough ideas by hand in my garage. These first real world samples worked and gave me hope to keep moving forward. I explored various types of wood for use and appeal. Eventually I settled on bamboo for it’s natural beauty, character, and for being a renewable resource. I also worked to make it as simple as possible. Only a couple components and no moving parts.

After many different prototype stands, and working with several local manufacturers, I came to the one I wanted. Every time I took the stand out to a coffee shop or library, I would see people hunched over their laptops working, studying or dreaming. People started to ask me where they could get their own laptop stand to improve their laptop experiences. And thus ErgoTree was created! A place to provide accessories to make your mobile tech life easier.

Bamboo pieces are cut out and laser engraved. They are then lovingly hand-sanded in a multi-step process. Afterwards they are oiled and polished with an all-natural oil/wax combination designed to preserve and protect the wood. Each stand is unique with it’s own natural colors and variations. Super strong rare-earth magnets are inserted for use in holding pieces together for transport and storage. All of this results in the beautiful and compact ErgoTree Laptop Stand. Designed in a coffee shop, used everywhere.