Laptop Stand Assembly Instructions

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Step 1

Box Contains: Two main pieces and one square piece. 

Twist to the side with your thumb and rotate the two main pieces. 

Step 3

Align slots in each piece. 

Ready for action. 

To raise the laptop height – remove the square piece from the side. 

Align its slots at the intersection of the other two pieces. Slide all the way. 

Laptop is now held at a higher level. 

In this position, wireless mouse and keyboard work very well. 

Reassemble Your Stand for Storage or Transport

Align the two similar base pieces so the magnets face each other and pull pieces together. (Careful, watch your fingers)

Attach the square piece with metal alignment to the other two stacked pieces by lining up the pin with the round hole in the other two pieces. The magnets will lock it in place. 


No two logos on the same side – the magnets are designed to hold one way! 

One “ErgoTree” Logo per side. Ready to go! 

No two logos on the same side! Try again!